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Rockabye Beats Parking Lot Jam

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Friday June 11th @ 6 p.m.

Join the Rockabye Beats Block Party! This 40-minute outdoor party or class features singing, dancing, playing instruments, show and tell, and a healthy dose of silliness!

This event will be held in the Stage St. parking lot. Registration required. 

About Rockabye Beats: At Rockabye Beats, we recognize that children love contemporary music just as much as adults do. We also understand that this is the perfect time for your child to experience a second language. Our Spanish infused songs aren’t watered down or one-note, but rather they’re catchy and fun, and very often make you want to dance a cha cha. No matter your age, our original music is enjoyable for the whole family – after all, it’s better when you can share it together!

For more information on Rockabye Beats, including videos and catchy songs, check out their website at

Questions? E-mail Mr. Chance at or call 978-373-1586 x626.