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Backyard Visitors Collection in OverDrive

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Celebrate spring by enjoying the beauty of nature that exists right in our own community! OverDrive has a collection that may help you get some ideas: Backyard Visitors: Birds & other animals. The collection includes electronic books and audiobooks, as well as a magazine, on topics such as birding and attracting wildlife to gardens. If you’d like to enjoy, as OverDrive states, “the natural world in your own backyard,” this collection is a great virtual starting point! Here are a few titles:

HPL is here to help you explore the nature around you with print materials, too. We have books here in the building on birding and gardening topics, and have featured programming on similar topics this spring. We have a couple of exciting ones coming up!

The week of Monday, May 24th, we’ll be distributing kits for cookie cutter bird seed feeders! The waitlist is currently full, but even if you’re not able to reserve a kit, you’re still welcome to visit the Crafting Corner on our website and follow the instructional video (coming soon) if you’d like to make one!

On Tuesday, June 29th, we’ll be hosting an in-person, outdoor birdwatching program along the Merrimack River here in Haverhill! Visit our online calendar to find out more about the details and register for the event!