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“Miss Sherlock” TV Series

This modern adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories features a female-led cast that’s packed with as much adventure as the original stories. Set in Tokyo, Japan, the story follows Sara “Sherlock” Futaba and Dr. Wato Tachibana’s chance meeting after the murder of Wato’s close friend and teacher. As their friendship and […]


Spring into Gardening

The arrival of spring means yard work and outdoor projects to start. Gardening, whether its indoors or outdoors, leaves your space feeling fresh and colorful. Check out some of beginner gardening tips from Miracle-Gro, if you’re new to gardening. Not sure which plants to begin with? Try planting some Massachusetts-native flowers! According to the Mass […]


Women’s History Month: Pack-Horse Librarians of Eastern Kentucky

During the Great Depression, poor states, like Kentucky, fell even further into poverty as the nation’s economy came to a grinding halt. In response to this national crisis, President Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted the New Deal in 1933 – a series of programs and public work projects meant to support farmers, unemployed, youth, and the […]

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Black History Month: African Americans in Film

“Moving pictures have become one of the greatest revitalizing forces in race adjustment.” Oscar Micheaux, 1st major African American feature filmmaker (1884-1951) As large numbers of African Americans migrated from the rural South to urban areas across the U.S. between the 1910s and 1940s, the racial landscape of America began to shift. As a result, […]


Where to Find Federal & State Tax Forms

FEDERAL TAX FORMS It’s the beginning of tax season and the forms for 2020 are available online. Federal tax forms can be found here. You can find multiple federal tax forms and their instructions ready for download. Related forms and/or information is available underneath of each section for easy access. MA STATE TAX FORMS Massachusetts […]


Travel the World with Food

Traveling may be off the table, but your kitchen can bring foods from different countries to you. A to Z World Food is an online database available through the Haverhill Public Library that gives patrons access to recipes across the globe. Select any country to learn about their food culture, dishes for special occasions, and […]


‘Tis the Season for Donations

The holidays are just around the corner and you may be wondering where to take your donations! 2020 has been a wild ride for us all, but has affected those in need more than usual. Though this year has seen many ups and downs, it has strengthened our sense of community. Giving back to people […]

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New Monthly Booklists

“I have found the most valuable thing in my wallet is my library card.” Laura Bush (Librarian & wife of 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush) Your library card gives you access to everything at the Haverhill Public Library and any other library in our consortium. With so much to choose from, the toughest part […]