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Summer Concert Series

Haverhill Public Library is proud to present three upcoming concerts! Grab your friends and family and come enjoy live music outdoors. Winter and Woo! Thursday, August 12 at 6:30 pm Anything that needs saying can be said from The Great American Songbook and a pair of musicians to bring those tunes alive. This concert is […]

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Evanston’s Living History – Virtual

Tuesday, August 3 at 6:30 pm Craig Dudnick’s Evanston’s Living History presentation begins with Mr. Anthony Crawford, born into slavery in January, 1865 in Abbeville, South Carolina.  Through emancipation and the promise of Reconstruction, the Crawford family prospered, acquiring property in Abbeville that Anthony inherited and developed into 400 acres of prime cotton land. A deadlocked […]

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“One Last Stop” by Casey McQuinston

August’s New York experience is much like most transplants. Crowded subway rides, a diner job handing out greasy plates, and a slew of new roommates to adapt to. What isn’t typical is her encountering the most incredible girl on her train ride over and over again. What makes it stranger? This girl, Jane, with the […]

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Birding on the Merrimack River

Tuesday, June 29th at 10:00 am Join us for a birdwatching program along the Merrimack River here in Haverhill! Bring your binoculars if you have them, and we’ll try to spot some of the birds that inhabit the area along the river. Meet at Riverside Park. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing, so […]

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Based on one of Jane Austen’s more light-hearted novels, “Emma” focuses on a well-to-do socialite who considers herself an expert in match making. If only she could stop meddling in other people’s affairs long enough to sort out her own personal life.  This movie is absolutely stunning. All of the scenery is lush and captivating […]

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“Plain Bad Heroines” by Emily Danforth

A novel about a movie production about a novel; Plain Bad Heroines is layered enough to pull the reader in and clever enough to make it a page turner. The book centers around the school of Brookhants, an all girl’s school on the coast of Rhode Island. A cluster of deaths surrounding the school haunts […]